Starting Monday, More Posts, More Often, More Content

In an effort to better organize my own thoughts, my various sites, and the content found here at No Credit Needed, I will introduce a new, experimental blogging schedule. The experimental schedule will start Monday morning and continue until the following Sunday evening, upon which time I shall determine whether or not I shall continue with the experimental schedule. The schedule shall be as follows:

9:00 AM I shall compose and publish a debt reduction post, focusing on basic techniques for getting out of debt.

11:00 AM The 11 o’clock hour shall be dedicated to a post about my own personal finances. Topics included in the 11:00 AM post shall include (but not be limited to) spending habits, savings goals, and personal progress.

2:00 PM I shall discuss various other personal finance sites, deals, blogs, and news.

5:00 PM In an effort to broaden my understanding of the financial markets, I shall attempt to write a post about my investments, my investing goals, and the day’s market news.

10:00 PM The final post of the day will be reserved for miscellaneous discussions, personal items of interest, or simply general information. Also, I shall mention any posts that I have written for my blog or any “guest posts” that I may have written for other blogs.

I shall, of course, reserve to the right to write a post about anything at anytime, but I hope to provide, primarily for myself, some STRUCTURE. I have created categories associated with the above mentioned times. (On Tuesday, I shall be hosting the Festival of Frugality, and I shall post it according to its regularly appointed schedule.) Using the word “shall” so many times has given me a headache.