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Starting Monday, More Posts, More Often, More Content

In an effort to better organize my own thoughts, my various sites, and the content found here at No Credit Needed, I will introduce a new, experimental blogging schedule. The experimental schedule will start Monday morning and continue until the following Sunday evening, upon which time I shall determine whether or not I shall continue with the experimental schedule. The schedule shall be as follows:

9:00 AM I shall compose and publish a debt reduction post, focusing on basic techniques for getting out of debt.

11:00 AM The 11 o’clock hour shall be dedicated to a post about my own personal finances. Topics included in the 11:00 AM post shall include (but not be limited to) spending habits, savings goals, and personal progress.

2:00 PM I shall discuss various other personal finance sites, deals, blogs, and news.

5:00 PM In an effort to broaden my understanding of the financial markets, I shall attempt to write a post about my investments, my investing goals, and the day’s market news.

10:00 PM The final post of the day will be reserved for miscellaneous discussions, personal items of interest, or simply general information. Also, I shall mention any posts that I have written for my blog or any “guest posts” that I may have written for other blogs.

I shall, of course, reserve to the right to write a post about anything at anytime, but I hope to provide, primarily for myself, some STRUCTURE. I have created categories associated with the above mentioned times. (On Tuesday, I shall be hosting the Festival of Frugality, and I shall post it according to its regularly appointed schedule.) Using the word “shall” so many times has given me a headache.

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Super Bowl Commercials Review Second-Half

I’ll shorten my reviews, and only make comments if a commercial happens to catch my attention. So far, the commercials from the first-half have been all-but-forgettable.

Etrade: A pretend bank robbery? In this age of terrorism? Classless D-

Coca Cola: Graphics-laden commercial. C

Bud Light: Gorillas want beer? Yay… Again, do only idiots drink bear? D

Revlon: Sheryl Crow uses Revlon. Actually a pretty decent commercial. B-

CareerBuilder.Com: Better than the first one. The office is a “jungle”. We get it. C-

Taco Bell: Two Lions talking about Tacos. Pretty funny. B-

Van Heusen: A bunch of good looking guys and gals, and some clothing. Wow, original. C

Toyota Tundra: Another “breaks” commercial. I’m actually starting to like these commercials. B-

Emerald Nuts: Robert Goulet and a way to fight off the afternoon “drowsiness”? Great commercial. I might actually want to check into these Emerald Nuts. Funny and unique! B

T-Mobile: Charles Barkley as Dwayne Wade’s “Dad”! Pretty good. Smart. B-

FedEx: Mr. “Turkey-Neck”! Brilliant! FedEx gives you the impression that “ground” shipping is still fast. Good job. B-

Nationwide: Finally! A funny, hip, good commercial. And it stars… Kevin FEDERLINE! WHAT! I may be going insane, but THAT will be the commercial that people are talking about tomorrow. A-

Bud Light: Guy with axe and Bud Light. Again. Idiots drink Bud Light. I miss those frogs. C-

Ford Truck: Farm Equipment and a Welder. Plus ZERO percent financing. I can’t wait… (sarcasm…) A COMPLETELY unremarkable commercial. C

Huddle House: The HUDDLE HOUSE just ran a SUPER BOWL commercial. I’ll give them a B, but I think that this was just local.

Budweiser: Sand Crabs move a cooler, which they then worship. Unique? I guess. C

Prudential: Plan for a “rock-solid” future. Okay. Nothing special. C

Honda CR-V: A car and some loud music. Someone got paid to create this junk. C-

(At this point, I’ve given up all hope that I’m actually going to see a “Super Bowl-Worthy” commercial. Sigh…)

HP: I’m supposed to take computer advice from the O.C. Chopper guys? C

Izod: Pretty people, pretty clothes. C-

Budweiser Select: JayZ and Don Shula. Cool graphics. This was the best of the “beer” commercials so far. B-

(There are 9 minutes to go in the game. The Bears need to pull Grossman.)

Flomax: At least they actually tell you what the product does. I’m not big on pharmaceutical commercials, but this one gets the point across. A solid B

Etrade: Things you can do with one-finger. Okay, kinda funny, a little vulgar. B- The funniest of these unfunny commercials. C

Honda: Is it me, or is it “ironic” that the most fuel efficient car company created a commercial where they drive a bunch of cars to.. nowhere… thus unnecessarily using up fuel? Just thought I’d take a second and point that out. C

Snapple: “It’s on the back of the bottle”. Pretty funny. Solid B

—The Game Is Over—

A boring game, with boring commercials. The Sprint commercial was pretty funny, as was the Emerald Nuts commercial. I’ll forget both by next Sunday. I’m going to bed.

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Super Bowl Commercials First-Half Summary

I reviewed and wrote about THIRTY first-half commercials, and I can only remember one! The Sprint commercial was pretty funny. I was looking forward to reviewing the commercials, but most of them have been… forgettable? At 2.5 MILLION dollars a spot, I’ve just watched 75 MILLION dollars worth of commercials, and I remember (barely) one of them. What a complete waste! No one mentions price, value, or gives you a REASON to purchase their products. Silly, really. The game itself is okay, but BOTH teams look nervous and out of sync. Are these REALLY the two BEST teams in the NFL? Also, who thought that PRINCE should do the halftime show? He was cool… when I was nine… The rest of the reviews will be really, really short, unless something catches my eye.

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