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Starting Monday, More Posts, More Often, More Content

In an effort to better organize my own thoughts, my various sites, and the content found here at No Credit Needed, I will introduce a new, experimental blogging schedule. The experimental schedule will start Monday morning and continue until the … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Commercials Review Second-Half

I’ll shorten my reviews, and only make comments if a commercial happens to catch my attention. So far, the commercials from the first-half have been all-but-forgettable. Etrade: A pretend bank robbery? In this age of terrorism? Classless D- Coca Cola: … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Commercials First-Half Summary

I reviewed and wrote about THIRTY first-half commercials, and I can only remember one! The Sprint commercial was pretty funny. I was looking forward to reviewing the commercials, but most of them have been… forgettable? At 2.5 MILLION dollars a … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Commercials Reviews #27, #28, #29, #30

Product: Sprint Mobile Commercial: Connectile Disfunction! Edgy, smart, funny, great! Impact: HAHAHAHAHAH Information: Power UP! Finally, a funny commercial!!! No real information, but they got their point across. Will I buy? No, I’m locked into a 2-year contract. But a … Continue reading

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