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DIY Videos – Preparing To Build New Cabinets And Greenhouse

I am a big fan of DIY projects.  Over the past few months, I have built a picnic table, replaced our garbage disposal unit, and repaired our clothes dryer.  I tackled all of these projects using two sources of information – my Dad, who is an awesome handyman – and youtube.

I have a couple of projects planned for the coming months, so I thought I would share the videos I’ve bookmarked for both information and inspiration.  You can click on the links to view the individual videos or stream them from this site.

I plan to build a cabinet / desk unit for my son’s bedroom, which means I will be dealing with sheet goods.  First, I am going to build the awesome I-beam based work support system from the video below.  I love the fact that this system can be built using a single sheet of plywood and a few scraps.  This video is from the Down To Earth Woodworking youtube page.

My favorite new DIY tool is the SKIL 1830 120-Volt 2-1/4 HP Combo Base Router Set. It’s a great little router – especially for someone like me, who doesn’t need a super high-end power tool, but is looking for enough power to get the job done. Check it out, if you are looking for both a fixed-base router and plunge router, for less than $100.

I will be using both the router and a plate (biscuit) joiner to build face-frames for my son’s cabinets. I really learned a lot from the Beachside Hank youtube channel, including this video about the triangle marking system, which helps to organize stock.  I also learned a lot from Hank’s other videos, especially the ones about using the biscuit joiner.

I am also planning to build a greenhouse. When I do, this video from the Wranglerstar channel will come in handy. I love the fact that materials, both recycled and new, are used to create a functional AND attractive place to start a garden. The video below is part 1 of a series.

These are just a few of the videos that I have bookmarked. Over the coming weeks and months, as I work on various projects, I’ll share my progress – and the videos / websites which inspire. Be blessed.


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Ants In Air Conditioner

We have two HVAC systems.  One controls the temperature downstairs, while the other controls the temperature upstairs.

Less than two months ago, I had both HVAC systems cleaned and inspected, so I was shocked when one of them started acting up.  I would turn on the upstairs system, air would circulate, but instead cooling, the room remained warm.  Upon inspection, I noticed that the fan, inside the outside unit, wasn’t spinning.

I called the HVAC company and they sent out a technician.  He inspected the upstairs controller and duct work and found nothing.  He then went outside and removed the protective cover from the outside unit – and found the problem.

All around the “contact” – the little piston-like device that tells the fan to spin – there were ANTS.  Fire ants, to be exact.  The ants were crawling in and around the contact area, and were preventing the contact from making, well, contact.

Apparently, this is a rather common problem, especially in the hot and humid South.  He turned off the breaker to the outside unit, removed all of the dead ants and used a small vacuum to remove the living ones.  He then suggested that I put some granules of fire ant poison, sprinkled around the base of each outside unit.  (I did this as soon as he left.)

The technician recommended treating the area for fire ants two or three times a year.  He also suggested visually inspecting the units once a month or so, especially during the spring and summer.  I asked him why the ants would choose to get inside the unit in the first place, and he suggested that it might have something to do with the slight magnetic field around the copper coil.

For the cost of a service call, we now have ice cold air, no more ants, peace of mind, and a little more knowledge.

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My First Raised Bed Garden – The Build

Over the past few weeks I have been gathering supplies in preparation for building my first raised bed garden.  The weather has been unusually cold this winter, so I was very pleased when I woke up this morning and it was nice outside.  Time to build the raised beds!

Before I get to the pictures of the actual build – a little back story.  Several years ago I stumbled across Mel Bartholomew’s awesome book Square Foot Gardening: A New Way to Garden in Less Space with Less Work and have always wanted to give square foot gardening a shot.  Recently, I discovered Emily’s site – My Square Foot Garden – and I knew that the time had finally come.  I needed to stop procrastinating – and start planting.

Here are my first two raised beds -

Both beds are made from 2 x 8 x 4 boards, screwed together to make a box.  I also added some  braces across the bottom of both boxes, for a little extra support.

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My First Raised Bed Garden – Getting Ready

I am in the process of building my first raised bed vegetable garden.  One of my goals for 2011 is to eat fresh foods – especially fresh fruits and vegetables.  I am in the alpha-stage of planning the garden, and I thought it might be beneficial to track my progress, from start to (hopefully successful) finish.

I plan to grow strawberries, cucumbers, zucchinis, watermelons, cantaloupes, butter beans, and (maybe) some potatoes.  I have spoken to a few local gardeners about when to plant each crop, how deep the soil needs to be for each crop to grow, and how to protect the crops from various animals and pests.  This will be the first time I’ve ever grown a garden – of any kind – so I’m excited.

The weather here in Georgia has been unseasonably cold.  In fact, some are reporting that it might be the coldest winter ever.  Instead of waiting for the warmer weather to arrive, I’ve done my best to get ready for planting.  So far:

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