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What To Do With All That Change

We continue to use the envelope system to manage our cash.  We also have three kids, who get paid for some chores – so we always have change around our house. My son, in particular, likes to collect coins.  Right … Continue reading

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Structure And Freedom

Over the years I have learned the true value of creating structure and following a routine.  My wife and I use the following structured systems to control spending, plan for saving, and manage our finances. Monthly Calendar – Each month … Continue reading

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Can I Rent A Car Without A Credit Card?

This information is provided in summary form and you should conduct your own research before using any of the companies listed.  Information is subject to change at anytime.  (Emphasis added) From the Hertz FAQs site: Debit Card Policy- Q: Can … Continue reading

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What Works For Me – Combining Our Finances

My wife and I have been married for almost thirteen years.  For that entire time, even before we got serious about managing our money, we believed in combining our finances.  Here’s our simple system and what works for us. Our … Continue reading

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