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Getting Ready For A Yard Sale

We a planning to participate in a multi-family yard sale the first Saturday in August.  I’m pumped.  We should be able to make a few bucks, get rid of some clutter, and better organize our home. We have secured a location for the yard sale and obtained all of the necessary permits.  We plan to spend the Friday evening before the yard sale, pricing specific items and getting ready for the sale.  Also, we’ll have change on hand and a secure place to store any money we will receive.  After the sale is over, we’ll donate any of the remaining items to a local charity. Beginning last week, I divided our house into manageable sections – and began to sort…

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A Day For Organizing

It had to be done. Yesterday, I spent several hours organizing paperwork, responding to emails, paying bills, cleaning out my desk, and filing documents. It was boring, headache-educing, and, as my youngest would say, “none fun”. Normally, I’m a pretty organized person.  I have several systems in place for managing bills, paperwork, etc.  However, the past two months were filled with much activity – tons of fun stuff with family and encouraging progress at work. So, yesterday, I sat down with a huge stack of paperwork, a large cup of coffee, and started digging. I will not bore you with too many details (I filed some paperwork, paid a few bills, sorted through email, updated passwords, etc.)  It was tedious,…

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Basics, Debt Reduction

Getting Out Of Debt

I love this time of year.  I love giving gifts, hanging out with family, and enjoying time off from work. What I don’t love about this time of year – and what many families struggle with after this time of year – is credit card debt. So, let’s put together a plan of action, so that when those bills arrive in January, we’re ready to pay off that credit card debt – and be in a position to pay cash for gifts, next year. Make a list of all creditors – with balances and interest rates. Pick a plan of attack – smallest balance first or highest interest rate. There are pluses and minuses for each approach.  I prefer to…

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