Simplify. Everything.

My main goal for 2013?

Simplify.  Everything.

Over the past few years, I have worked very hard to simplify my life – to focus on  the essential, important things, people, and opportunities in my life.

In my relationships, with friends and family, at church and in the community, I have learned to connect with and care for people who add to my life.  This is not to say that I have no time or room for those from whom I cannot directly benefit – but, rather, I have learned to be influenced only by those who truly care about me.  In short, it’s awesome to have a life filled with good, positive people.

I have adopted extremely simplified techniques for managing our finances:

  • A budget is created
  • Income is received
  • Deposits are made
  • Bills are paid
  • Retirement contributions are withdrawn
  • Paperwork is filed
  • Life is lived

Several years ago (2008, according to Amazon) I purchased an awesome time-management resource: Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. This book changed my time-management habits – which changed my life.  I had never thought of myself as a “productivity-book” kinda guy, until I realized something – Real freedom comes from being in control, and being in control requires a real plan.  Great book.

I am applying my Simplify. Everything. philosophy to my eating as well.  As has been well-chronicled over at No. Calories Needed, I have struggled with my weight.  I have tried all kinds of diets – but I finally realized, I can’t diet forever.  So, I’m just focusing on being healthy – eating real foods and moving.  I am spending more time out-of-doors (when it’s not freezing cold) and exercising.  I have a simple, edges-of-the-grocery-store shopping plan.  I buy what I need, prepare it, eat – and get on with my real life.

Spiritually, I have, as a part of my daily routine for nearly two decades, spent time studying the Bible.  As a Christian, nothing in life is more important than my relationship with Jesus – and I am consistently stunned by both His grace and His mercy.  I have learned to simplify, even when it comes to my spiritual life, and to really focus on the things that matter, the important things that God teaches us – and to ignore what Paul called “meaningless discussions”.  There is too much good to be done to waste my life debating irrelevant issues.

Our home – due to the awesomeness who is my wife – is extremely organized.  Her organizational skills have impressed me so much, I have become a better organizer.  We plan for activities, keep a clean house, avoid clutter like the plague, and routinely give away stuff that we no longer need.  I wish I could take more credit, but our home is the way it is because my wife is the way she is – and I’m blessed by her.

I am always looking for ways to simplify – areas that need to be focused on – and ideas to make things easier.  I want to spend as much times as possible with the people for whom I care, so simplifying the other areas of my life is critical.

2013.  Simplify.  Everything.

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