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Personal Finance Blogs – Find Read Connect

When I started No Credit Needed in 2005 there were just a hand full of personal finance blogs.  Now there are thousands of them.  Keeping up with all of the great content and content producers can be difficult, but not impossible. Here are the tools and sites that I use to find the latest content from my favorite personal finances bloggers, connect with them, and share their articles. Find Latest Personal Finance Posts: PFBlogs – An aggregating site that lists the latest articles from thousands of personal finance blogs and bloggers. Money Tips Network – The Money Tips Network focuses on the most recent content from some of the most trusted names in personal finance blogging.  I’m proud to be…

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Debt Reduction

Preparing For Debt Reduction Success

Get Organized – 1.  Find a manila file folder and label it “debt reduction plan“.  This folder will contain all of the information that you will need to succeed. 2.  Use the telephone and online access to your credit accounts and find out your current balances, current interest rates, due dates for all loans / credit cards, telephone numbers for each creditor, and addresses where creditors accept payments.  Bonus Tip:  Use a spreadsheet program to organize the information about your creditors, so that you can have instant access, whenever your might need it.  Print a copy of the spreadsheet and place it in your “debt reduction plan” folder. Keep the folder / spreadsheet in a secure place. 3.  Find out…

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Save Money On Lawn Care

When I was a kid, I never thought I would type the following sentence: I really enjoy yard work. Seriously.  I look forward to mowing the lawn, planting plants, raking leaves, and just spending time around the house, sprucing things up. I also like sharing money saving tips, and here are a few of mine, for saving money on lawn care.  These are things I actually do (or have done) to save money and time. Use Leaves and Pine Straw as Mulch I live in the South, and have pine trees and oak trees in my backyard.  We use fallen leaves and pine straw as mulch.  The pine straw looks nice in flower beds and around shrubbery, while the leaves…

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