My Favorite Podcasts

Here’s a list of my favorite podcasts –

History Podcasts –

Norman Centuries – A Norman History podcast created by Lars Brownworth.

12 Byzantine Rules – The History of the Byzantine Empire by Lars Brownworth.

Hardcore History – An unconventional look at history by Dan Carlin.

History of Rome – A weekly podcast about the history of Rome.

Sports Podcasts –

Dan Patrick – A daily podcast, in three parts, by Dan Patrick.

Tony Kornheiser – A daily podcast, in two parts, by Tony Kornheiser.

Bill Simmons – A podcast from ESPN personality, Bill Simmons.

Entertainment / Commentary Podcasts –

TBTL – Too Beautiful To Live by Luke Burbank.

Geek Out Loud – The OFFICIAL podcast of Geek Out Online.

A podcast is an online audio or video file, organized by release date, available for download, streaming, and subscribing.

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