Impressed With New Battery Powered Cordless Electric Leaf Blower And String Trimmer

It’s rare that I’m impressed enough by a product to actually mention it here on No Credit Needed – so you know that I must really dig my new Black & Decker Battery Powered Cordless Electric Blower Sweeper and Black & Decker Battery Powered Cordless Electric String Trimmer.  Both tools are powered by an 18-volt rechargeable battery.  I like them so much that I’ve given away my gasoline powered blower and trimmer.  I just don’t need them anymore. Our new house sits on roughly one-half acre of land.  The house is surrounded by flower beds, trees, and a play-set for the kids.  We also have a driveway and there’s a side-walk in the front of the house.  We also have…

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Planning To Replace My Old Car

I own a 2001 Honda Accord.  It’s a great little car, and even though it’s a decade old, it still gets really great gas mileage.  The paint and the interior are both in pretty decent shape, despite the fact that the right-front panel was recently damaged and repaired.  I like the car, but with growing kids and the fact that it has nearly 200,000 miles, it’s time to think about replacing it. It never hurts to plan ahead – even years ahead – so that’s what I’m doing. I’ve already started to compile a list of used vehicles that I might want to purchase.  I want to buy something a little bigger than the accord, maybe a small cross-over or…

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