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5 Simple Debt Reduction Tips

I like to write about an array of personal finance topics, but my true passion is debt reduction. Tip 1 – Send in credit card payments as soon as is possible.  This reduces your average daily balance and total interest charges. Tip 2 – Be both analytical and emotional. Debt reduction requires three things – money, a solid plan, and firm dedication.  Create a plan to reduce your debt – and then get a little angry. Tip 3 – Stop adding to total debt. Reducing one credit card balance by $500, only to charge $600 on another card doesn’t make sense. Tip 4 – Focus on reducing principal.  I know we get fascinated by interest rates – and rightly so…

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The Revelatory Nature Of The Common Sense Budget

Several years ago, long before No Credit Needed, I actually gave budgeting a shot.  I can’t, for the life of me, remember the name of the budgeting tool that I tried to use, but I do remember that it was very, very complicated.  After a couple of months trying to make the system work – I just gave up. It wasn’t until some years later, just before starting No Credit Needed, that I read Dave Ramsey’s awesome book – Financial Peace Revisited.  I learned about creating a zero-based budget to plan our monthly spending and using the envelope system to manage our cash.  Divorced from the notion that living on a budget was difficult – I actually found out that…

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Home Maintenance

Air Conditioner Spring Cleaning

Our new house has two air conditioning units, one for upstairs and one for downstairs.  One of the things that we knew the house needed, when we bought it, was an additional return for the downstairs unit.  (Technically, we have an HVAC, which provides air conditioning and air heating, but we just call it the air conditioner.) While he was here adding the return, I asked the technician to give both units a good spring cleaning.  It was amazing – and a bit scary – to see just how much stuff had built up in the units over time.  Even though relatively new, they had still managed to accumulate quite a bit of dust and debris.  The tech was at…

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