Financial Priorities And Principles

I think it’s important to focus on simple, achievable goals.  As such, here are my top five financial priorities and principles

Priorities –

  • I will maintain adequate cash reserves, sufficient to replace my income for 12 months.
  • I will remain debt free, paying upfront for all purchases.
  • I will save for retirement, focusing on both pretax and after-tax accounts.
  • I will teach my children sound financial principles, and help them pay for college.
  • I will look for opportunities to bless others, both with my finances and my time.

Principles –

  • I will live on a budget.
  • I will respect every dollar that I make, and the work that went in to making it.
  • I will look for opportunities to save more money.
  • I will look for opportunities to earn more money.
  • I will value people more than possessions.

As I work my way through each month, I keep each of these principles and priorities in mind.  I’m constantly asking myself –

Am I making decisions consistent with my priorities and principles?

It is easy to fell overwhelmed by the amount of information and financial noise.  For me, it’s imperative that I remain focused, keep things as simple as forward, and stick to my priorities and principles.

How about you?  Have you created or thought about a list of priorities or principles?  If so, leave a comment and share.

*This list does not include my regular giving to my church.