The NCN Podcast Is Back!

I sat down last night and recorded a new episode of the No Credit Needed Podcast.

For those who are new to the podcast, or podcasting in general, a podcast is an Internet radio show.  The show is free, and you can download it to your computer, listen to it via iTunes, or listen to it directly from the NCN Podcast website.  If you own an iPod, you can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, and new episodes will be automatically downloaded to your computer.  Confused?  Don’t be!  Just head over to the NCN Podcast website, and press play.

New episodes of the podcast will be available once a week – and the new episodes will be 10 to 15 minutes long.  Instead of rambling on and on, I’ll TRY to stay on topic and stay focused.  Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you like the latest episode of the NCN Podcast.


No Credit Needed is a personal finance blog about debt reduction, saving money, and simple living. Thank you for visiting the site and please consider subscribing to No Credit Needed by Email. Have a blessed day!

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2 thoughts on “The NCN Podcast Is Back!
  1. Nicole

    Very cool, I’ve personally always wanted to try this so if you ever need a guest/co-host for a day, let me know. I’ve been told I have a soothing voice even! Glad you’re back to podcasting. :^)