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Filed 2008 Federal And State Income Taxes

I have just finished filing our 2008 income tax returns.  I managed to do a pretty good job estimating our withholding and quarterly prepayments.  We will receive a small refund from our federal return, and we only had to pay … Continue reading

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Reasons We Fail To Stick To Our Budget – With Twitter Input!

Do you struggle to stick to your budget?  Have you tried to live on a budget, only to throw your hands up in frustration and give up?  Think you way through the following list, and see if you can find … Continue reading

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Talking With My Spouse About Money – An Interview With Mrs. NCN

I thought you guys might get a kick out of hearing from my wife – Mrs. NCN. NCN – So, what’s it like being married to a geek like me who likes to write about personal finance. Mrs. NCN – … Continue reading

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Today’s Links To Love: Twitter Tips, Free Sauce, And James Earl Jones

Today’s Links To Love – Chief Family Officer tells us how to get free spaghetti sauce from Walgreen’s. Christian Personal Finances is giving away a copy of the James Earl Jones Audio Bible.  Yes, my friends, you can win a … Continue reading

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