Filed 2008 Federal And State Income Taxes

I have just finished filing our 2008 income tax returns.  I managed to do a pretty good job estimating our withholding and quarterly prepayments.  We will receive a small refund from our federal return, and we only had to pay a very small amount in additional taxes to our state government. Unlike last year, I did not make any contributions to my SEP-IRA.  I did so last year to reduce our tax liability.  This year, with an additional child in the family, and an additional child care credit, our liability was already slightly lower than the previous year, and I really do not have any “extra” cash sitting around for contributions.  Plus, with the current economic environment, I’d rather have…

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Reasons We Fail To Stick To Our Budget – With Twitter Input!

Do you struggle to stick to your budget?  Have you tried to live on a budget, only to throw your hands up in frustration and give up?  Think you way through the following list, and see if you can find a few solutions for your budgeting woes.  Remember, in many cases “the perfect is the enemy of the good“.  Our goal, when budgeting, is to create a realistic spending plan – one we will actually follow – and not some elaborate spending plan that will only serve to frustrate. Problem – Too Many Categories Let’s face it, there are only so many charts, so many calculations, so many categories, and so many money transfers that the normal human brain can…

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Talking With My Spouse About Money – An Interview With Mrs. NCN

I thought you guys might get a kick out of hearing from my wife – Mrs. NCN. NCN – So, what’s it like being married to a geek like me who likes to write about personal finance. Mrs. NCN – It certainly makes life interesting!  It is pretty cool that you handle all of the boring day-to-day stuff and I don’t have to deal with it. NCN – Do you feel like you are left out of the decision making? Mrs. NCN – No.  If it’s a major decision or whatever, we talk about it, but you enjoy all the facts and figures. NCN – How did you used to feel, back when we were in debt? Mrs. NCN –…

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