NCN Notebook

The No Credit Needed Notebook

The No Credit Needed Notebook is a collection of free personal finance management spreadsheets. All spreadsheets are available in versions compatible with Open Office and Microsoft Office. List of Creditors – List of Monthly Expenses – Pages 1 and 2 Use this page to create a list of your creditors, how much you owe each creditor, and contact information for each creditor.  This page is very useful when setting up a debt reduction plan.  Click to read more about how to use this page. Use this page to create a list of and analyze monthly expenses.  This page is useful when setting up your initial budget and it is a great brainstorming resource.  Click to read more about how to…

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Budget, Money Management

Diagramming The Flow Of Money

For the visual-learners in the audience, I have diagrammed the flow of my money. Regular income is deposited into my primary checking account.  Scheduled monthly payments are made, and allocations for non-monthly scheduled payments are then deposited in my online savings account. Irregular income, such as it is, is deposited into my primary checking account, and used, if needed, for scheduled monthly payments.  If not needed for scheduled monthly payments, money will be transferred from my primary checking account to my online savings account. Business income is deposited in my business checking account.  All business income is then transferred to my online savings account, set aside for non-monthly payments and long-term savings. Any non-monthly scheduled payments are made from my…

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Debt Story, Goals

How We Changed Our Family’s Financial Future

My wife and I have been debt free for more than three years.  Here’s how we turned our lives around and changed our family’s financial future. We began to spend less than we earned. Brilliant, no?  It sounds so simple, but the reality is, many Americans spend more each month than they earn. We put our credit cards in our wallets – and just left them there. We stopped using our credit cards.  We didn’t cut them up or freeze them in a bowl of water – we simply made a decision to stop using them.  This might have been the single most important thing we have ever done. We began to live on a budget. Following a zero-based budget,…

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