Resolutions And Goals For 2009

Personal Finance Goals

  1. Fully-fund 403(b)
  2. Fully-fund 2 Roth IRAs
  3. Fully-fund 3 Education Savings Accounts
  4. Save for down payment on a new home
  5. Stay out of debt

Blogging Goals

  1. Post daily to No Credit Needed
  2. Increase number of subscribers
  3. Improve site usability
  4. Establish connections with other bloggers
  5. Continue to support the personal finance blogging community

Health Goals

  1. Continue to lose weight
  2. Continue to exercise regularly
  3. Run in my first 5K
  4. Continue to avoid soft drinks and refined sugars
  5. Post daily at No. Calories Needed

Other Goals -

In May of 2008, I started 99 Changes – my personal development site.  I’m tracking my progress as I make changes – big and small – and improve my life.  I write about organization, spiritual matters, networking, personal growth, and my health.  If you are interested in goals and personal development, you might like 99 Changes.

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4 Responses to Resolutions And Goals For 2009

  1. thomas says:

    If I was able to do your first 3 financial goals I’d be scraping the barrel. Kudos to you if you can accomplish these and your others. Best of luck. I’ll be happy if i max my 401k and IRA.

  2. Jamie says:

    I like the health goals. My wife and I are running in our first 5K in February. We will be running in Myrtle Beach before their marathon.

    Good Luck on all of your goals.

  3. Courtney says:

    I’m curious – why an ESA over a 529?

  4. CPA1298 says:

    “Save for down payment on a new home”

    Does this mean you’ll be taking out a mortgage? Will that change the nature of No Credit Needed?