Wrapping Up The Year 2008

Resolutions and Goals Last year, I published 15 resolutions and goals for 2008.  Let’s see how those worked out – Personal Finance Goals Fully-fund 403(b) Yes!  For the second year in a row, I managed to fully-fund my 403(b) retirement account. Fully-fund 2 Roth IRAs Not yet.  I fully-funded my Roth IRA way back in January – foolishly thinking that the market was at it’s low for the year – and I’m working to fully-fund my wife’s Roth IRA before April 15th, 2009. Fully-fund 3 ESAs Again, not yet.  I am working to fully-fund these before April 15th, 2009. Increase Non-Retirement Savings Unfortunately, not by much.  Keep reading for the reason why! Stay Out Of Debt Yes!  I’ve been debt…

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PayPal Fee Calculator eBay Fee Calculator

There are dozens of sites that will help you calculate PayPal and eBay fees. My favorite is PPCalc – PayPal Fee Calculator eBay Fee Calculator Half.com Fee Calculator Amazon Fee Calculator BidPay Fee Calculator ePier Fee Calculator Etsy Fee Calculator Overstock Fee Calculator Throughout 2009, my goal is to clear $100 a month from eBay sales. I use the above calculators to determine the starting prices of my auctions.

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Sticking With TD Ameritrade

I mentioned in the last article that I would be opening two Education Savings Accounts – one for my son and one for my daughter.  I had been planning to open the accounts with Vanguard – the same brokerage that has my SEP-IRA – but I’ve decided to stick with TD Ameritrade – the brokerage where I already have my oldest daughter’s ESA.  While I really like Vanguard’s services, TD Ameritrade offers ESAs with no minimum contributions.  Vanguard, on the other hand, requires a $1000 minimum initial investment.  Right now, I just don’t have $2000 (for 2 accounts) sitting around,  and I don’t want to wait to open the accounts.  TD Ameritrade offers several no-transaction-fee index funds, my preferred investment…

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