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Calculating Average Daily Balance With Free Spreadsheet

Click here to view and download the entire No Credit Needed Notebook. Many credit card companies use the Average Daily Balance Method when calculating how much interest they charge their customers during a particular billing cycle.  I have created a … Continue reading

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You. Can.

In April of 2005, I had an ‘ah ha’ moment.  As I sat staring at the paltry amount of money in my checking account, it occurred to me that I had been working for more than half of my life, … Continue reading

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How To Get Out Of Debt – An Illustrated Guide To Debt Reduction

If you want to get out of debt, you need three things – a plan, some money, and lots of determination. I can’t provide you with the money or the determination, but I can give you some ideas for how … Continue reading

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10 Ways To Save Money On The Golf Course

I love to play golf.  I also love to save money.  Here’s how to save a few bucks when hitting the links. Avoid weekend/holiday rates.  Most public courses offer discounted rates when you play on a weekday. Share a bucket … Continue reading

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