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For those of you who are visiting via the web, you’ll notice that I have made some pretty major changes to the look and feel of No Credit Needed. My old theme isn’t compatible with the latest version of WordPress (the software that I use to manage my websites). I hope that the new theme will make things easier to find. If you have any comments about the theme, I’d love to read them. Thanks for your patience, as I work out the bugs over the next few days. The update to the site will not affect my posting schedule.


No Credit Needed is a personal finance blog about debt reduction, saving money, and simple living. Thank you for visiting the site and please consider subscribing to No Credit Needed by Email. Have a blessed day!

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17 thoughts on “New Theme For No Credit Needed
  1. Laura

    Yay! No offense but the old one was getting.. old. As a graphic designer, I am happy to see you updating the look :)

  2. Jordan

    Looking good, I myself am struggling with editing an existing wordpress theme to fit my liking.
    I notice that there seems to be some artifacting on the square grey NCN logo in the top corners. I’m going to guess that it was originally the same green at the categories label, try a different method of changing the color maybe… Other than that it’s looking good!

  3. Amy

    Looks good! But where is are the links to other NCN “stuff”, like NCN Network and No. Calories Needed? (maybe I’m just not seeing them, but they were good links to have out in the open!)

  4. Ken

    Im not a fan of the double column of links on the right. I like it balanced, 1 column on left text and one on right. And those lists are huge.

    Do you need to break out the archives by month? Thats a lot of PF blogs as well.

  5. debtdieter

    I like it! I had got used to your old one, and thought of it as your brand in a way though.

    This one is very easy on the eyes too though. :-)

  6. Jonathan

    I kind of miss the familiar red as well, but this looks more soothing I suppose.

    What part of your theme wasn’t compatible with WordPress 2.5? I am definitely not upgrading if I have to slap together another theme.

  7. NCN

    @Jonathan – I miss the red, too, and it might make a ‘comeback’… but, I had done SO many hacks to my old theme, it just got unwieldy. It was taking forever to load, on some pages, and it had some quirks that I just got tired of dealing with. When I upgraded, the tags feature and a few other things just started bothering me, and I got tired of the super-cluttered look. But, I do miss me some red… so, I’m thinking about trying to mod this theme, just a bit, with some bits or red…
    Rock on,

  8. Lazy Man and Money

    I like the new theme, but it feels like you should have new logo designed ;-).

    It seems a little weird to have comment entry box above the previous comments. It means that I’m going to comment before reading if the other 16 people wrote the same thing.

  9. NCN

    @Lazy Man,
    I think you were right… I’ve moved the comment form to the bottom of the comments. Thanks for the suggestion! And, I’m working on the logo… :)