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Paying Bills Vs. Money Management – The Difference Between Surviving And Thriving

I’ve been working for almost twenty years. For most of my adult life, I dreaded ‘paying bills’. For three weeks, bills would pile up on the counter top – waiting to be paid. At the end of the month, paycheck deposited, I’d sit down to sort through the pile. After checks had been written and placed into payment envelopes, I would sit back, blurry-eyed, and think, “Man, what are we going to live on? I just paid all of our bills – and we have ten cents for groceries!”. Sound familiar? Here’s how I went from ‘just paying the bills’ to actually managing our money. 1. I created a basic, easy-to-understand budget. I use the You Need A Budget. system…

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Noted, Site Information

Inside Baseball: Analyzing My Site’s Traffic

I usually refrain from ‘blogging about blogging’, but March has been a banner month for No Credit Needed. As you can see from the graphic in the right-hand column, No Credit Needed now has more than 3000 subscribers. Traffic to the site also reached an all-time high. So, I wanted to take an opportunity to thank those sites that sent traffic my way. Social Networking Sites / Online Aggregators / News Sites Stumble Upon – (Click to see all of my stumbles and to add me as a friend.) Consumerist Money Blog Network Bloglines PFBlogs.Org Personal Finance Alltop Carnival Of Debt Reduction Finwikian (Click to visit my Finwikian page.) Festival Of Frugality Netvibes MSN Money Central Personal Finance Blogs (Which…

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Customer Service

New Long Distance Plan And A New Riding Lawn Mower

I’ve spent the last two hours, trying to get in touch with a customer service representative from my long distance provider, MCI.  After 11 phone calls, six disconnections, and five transfers, I have decided to change service providers.  Our local phone company has begun to offer a bundled plan of long distance / local service / and DSL.  I might go with them.  I’ll run the numbers and do a little research and let you all know.  Ninety-five percent of our calls are made intra-state, so I need a plan that offers low in-Georgia rates.  The MCI plan is unlimited long distance.  I signed up with them more than five years ago – and they’ve steadily raised their rates.  I’ve…

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