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My Favorite Articles From The Money Blog Network

Let’s take a look at what my fellow members of the Money Blog Network have been writing about this week – All Financial Matters asks about the possibility of a National Sales Tax.  (Wow, a tax system that rewards saving?  … Continue reading

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Facing The Frustrating Realities With Which We Must Deal

As you move away from financial irresponsibility and towards financial stability, you will find yourself becoming aware of certain new realities. First and foremost, you will note that the vast majority of Americans live without much regard for their own … Continue reading

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Breaking The Cycle Of Borrowing Money And Paying Interest

For the first fifteen years of my adult life, I borrowed money for every major purchase. Three years ago, I decided to stop borrowing money and get out of debt. As you can imagine, going from a ‘borrower’ to a … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend

I have been a Sirius Satellite Radio subscriber for more than four years. But, yesterday, I canceled both of my subscriptions. Why? Let’s just leave it at – bad customer service. I really like the service, but I will not … Continue reading

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