Considering Selling My Car (Or My Truck) (Or Both)

My wife and I recently purchased a new (to us) minivan.  We also own a 2001 Honda Accord and a 1994 Ford F-150.  I drive the car, my wife drives the minivan.  The old truck, at this point, is basically just a trash-truck – I use it to haul trash, carry things from the hardware store to home, and pull various trailers.  The van is in great condition.  The Honda is in good condition.  The truck?  The truck will crank – and it does what I need it to do, move stuff from point A to point B.

I really like the Honda, but my wife and I realized something a few months ago.  When the new baby arrives, our family will no longer ‘fit’ inside of the car!  My daughter is 8, and she rides in a booster.  My son is 4, and he rides in a forward-facing car seat.  The new baby, of course, will ride in a rear-facing car seat.  We tried every possible configuration, but the seats simply will not fit.

We have some decisions to make.  We can –

  1. Keep things as they are and simply use the van when we take family trips.  This will require a little planning and would probably lead to some inconvenience.
  2. Sell the car, keep the truck, and buy a slightly larger car / SUV / minivan.  This will solve the space issue, but we’ll still have 3 automobiles to insure and maintain.
  3. Sell the car and the truck, and buy a crew-cab truck, with room for all three car seats.  This will reduce the number of automobiles from 3 to 2, but will increase monthly gas bills.

For those who might be wondering, we live in a area where we ‘have’ to have a truck