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Swamped! 2 Trailers Full And We Still Have More Stuff For The Yard Sale!

Wow.  My wife and I have been so busy this week, getting ready for the big yard sale on Saturday.  So far, I’ve filled up one covered trailer, one standard trailer, and the back of my pickup truck – and … Continue reading

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Making A Break With The Past – Changing Habits And Thinking Long Term About Personal Finances

I enjoy “running the numbers” – What will happen if I save “x” dollars for “y” years? What will my balance be if the rate goes from “q” to “r”? Can I retire in “z” years? I’m fascinated by the … Continue reading

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Woops – How My Mistake Might Help Some Folks Track Their Debt Reduction Progress

If you missed the last post, scroll down just a bit – or click here. As you can see, there’s a chart titled “SavvyFrugality”.  This chart should not have been posted here. Instead, it should have been (and now is) … Continue reading

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