Thinking About Retirement – A Stroll Through My Blogroll

I will be 33 in January – and I’ve been thinking about my retirement plans. Apparently, I’m not the only one who’s been thinking about retirement – check out these articles from my blogroll:

AllFinancialMatters has an interesting article about Automatic IRAs – I like the idea of making investing easier – but if companies move to this plan, would 401K matching be a thing of the past?  I’ll have to do some further research.

Blueprint has written about Target Retirement Funds – Are they a good idea for non-retirement savings?  I simply purchase index funds – but I love the fact that AJ (the reader who asked Blueprint about non-retirement savings) has “extra” money!  Awesome!

Flexo is debunking certain retirement myths – My favorite is #3 – Everyone has debt – As Flexo points out, most folks who are debt free keep it to themselves – except for me, of course! :)

Nickel did some research – and the news is mixed – elective 403(b) 401(k) and 457(b) limits for 2008 will be the same as 2007 – $15,500 – but the aggregate limit will go up by $1000 to $46,000. Confused?  Nickel did a much better job of explaining it!

Free Money Finance writes so many good articles, especially about retirement.  Here’s one I bookmarked a few months ago – 5 401K Mistakes To Avoid – Number 1 is “Be sure you participate!”

JD reviewed a “must read” – The Automatic Millionaire – JD is the king of book reviews – and he’s the reason that I spend so much money on personal finance books!

MBH wrote this powerful post a few months ago – and I’ve been waiting for this roundup so that I could include it.  So many people dream of retirement – but here’s how to kill that dream. Sobering, but I really, really find this to be a powerful post.

The Digerati Life writes about investing styles.

Lazy man writes about market timing and the 401K.

Money Smart Life has an article about spousal IRAs.

GenX has a guide to Morning Star’s mutual fund tool.

4M has a tale of two ETFs.

Sun answers the age-old question – Roth or Traditional?

My Two Dollars has ideas about waiting too long to save for retirement.

Clever Dude wrote this post a few months ago – but now that we are nearing the end of the year – I think folks might find the information to be very, very useful – Should you contribute to your 401K, even if you get no match?


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7 thoughts on “Thinking About Retirement – A Stroll Through My Blogroll
  1. Heaven

    Hello, Thinking about retirement early is a good idea.
    There is nothing like early planning.

    I plan to use enjoy life and spend the money I have saved, and im pretty sure you are going to do the same.



  2. Money Blue Book

    Retirement planning is important in the long range, but it’s more important just to develop a good habit of saving and squirreling away as early as possible.

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  4. Stephen

    My wife and I have a meeting with your financial and tax planner next Monday actually. So I am curious to see how things are looking and what we may or may not get back for a refund this year. Last year we owed like 800 bucks. Although this year my wife is making alot more than she did last year and I know we will more than likely get hit with AMT this time. Out one saving grace I think is that we are contributing heavily to our respective 401k’s.

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