Introducing The No Credit Needed Notebook

Click here to view and download the entire No Credit Needed Notebook.

Create A List Of Creditors Worksheet

Here’s a sneak peak at a resource I’ve been working on for the past few months.

Resource Origins: In April of 2005, I decided to get out of debt. I created this blog, No Credit Needed, so that I could track my progress. Ten months later, I was debt-free. I’ve been blogging about debt reduction, debt repayment, saving money, personal finance, investing, and retirement ever since. But, I want a quality, free resource that I can put in someone’s hands and say, “Here you go. This is free, it can help you get out of debt, and you can modify it to suit your specific needs.”

Resource Goals: I want you to download, use, and modify this resource. As you use it or modify it, all I ask is that you leave comments on my site, so that we can share ideas for improving the resource. I’m releasing this resource under a Creative Commons license, so you can modify it to your hearts desire, as long as you allow others to modify your work and as long as you attribute the original work to me, NCN.

Today, I’m going to release an extremely basic preview of page 1. When the time comes for an official release of the resource (or several resource pages), I’ll also record an episode of the No Credit Needed Podcast, explain the release.

Without going into any further details, here’s the first page of the No Credit Needed Notebook:

List of Creditors and Monthly Expenses – Pages 1 and 2 – Open Office Version

List of Creditors and Monthly Expenses – Pages 1 and 2 – Microsoft Word Version

Finally, click here to see an image of the first page:


As you can see, the No Credit Needed Notebook is designed to help users begin-at-the-beginning. I’ll be adding pages and updates over the course of the next few weeks. Subscribe to No Credit Needed and be assured that you won’t miss a single update. As I update the Notebook, I encourage you to leave comments and suggestions.

Added November 02, 2007 – Click here for page 2 of the NCN Notebook!

Click here to view and download the entire No Credit Needed Notebook.

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18 thoughts on “Introducing The No Credit Needed Notebook
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  8. AnalogueGurl62

    Thanks NCN, I stumbled across your blog and plan to use your plan immediately.

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