Protecting My Family, My Health, My Automobiles, And My Stuff

I just finished sending a payment to my automobile insurance company. As with most things related to “personal finance”, sending the payment got me to thinking about the blog. I realized that I’ve never written a post specifically about the types of insurance I have. So, here goes: Health Insurance: My wife is an educator, so our entire family is covered under her insurance policy. United Health actually administers the plan and it’s a pretty good plan, considering the cost and the ease-of-use. Dental Insurance: My wife and the kids are covered by her plan at work. I’m not covered. I just pay for a dental visit. The insurance costs more than I’d like, but it will payoff if one…

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This Week's Carnivals

Guest Posts And This Week’s Personal Finance Carnivals

Two of my favorite personal finance bloggers, Nickel (from Five Cent Nickel) and Ben (from Money Smart Life) have taken a few days off, and I wrote guest posts for their sites. I wrote about The U-Turn: How My Debt Reduction Journey Began for Five Cent Nickel. I wrote about Swinging Away At Personal Finance for Money Smart Life. — I also participated in the following personal finance carnivals… This Week’s Carnival of Debt Reduction. This Week’s Carnival of Personal Finance. —

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Savings Story

Baby Steps Rock But It’s Also Fun To Crawl And Run

I’m a huge fan of Dave Ramsey and his “Baby Steps” (pdf). I love the way that he sets out seven, basic steps for debt reduction, retirement, and financial security. Personally, I think that the most important Baby Steps are the first two: Have a $1000 mini-emergency fund and then use a debt snowball to payoff your debts. But, I also realize that Dave’s plan for retirement, savings, and investing may not fit every situation. For instance, Dave suggests putting 15% of income into retirement. In 2007, I plan to put 40% of my income into retirement accounts. So, with that in mind, I was thinking about ways that I ‘crawl’ or ‘run’ between the ‘steps’. Crawling: Doing The Little…

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