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Protecting My Family, My Health, My Automobiles, And My Stuff

I just finished sending a payment to my automobile insurance company. As with most things related to “personal finance”, sending the payment got me to thinking about the blog. I realized that I’ve never written a post specifically about the … Continue reading

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Guest Posts And This Week’s Personal Finance Carnivals

Two of my favorite personal finance bloggers, Nickel (from Five Cent Nickel) and Ben (from Money Smart Life) have taken a few days off, and I wrote guest posts for their sites. I wrote about The U-Turn: How My Debt … Continue reading

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Baby Steps Rock But It’s Also Fun To Crawl And Run

I’m a huge fan of Dave Ramsey and his “Baby Steps” (pdf). I love the way that he sets out seven, basic steps for debt reduction, retirement, and financial security. Personally, I think that the most important Baby Steps are … Continue reading

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Driving And Drivers (Cars, Vans, Golf Clubs)

My wife and I are considering selling three automobiles and replacing them with two ‘newer’ automobiles.  After reading several comments, I thought I’d take a minute to write about “why” we now own three automobiles. Four years ago, my wife … Continue reading

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