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Credit Card Fees (Further Motivation For Getting Out Of Debt!)

I’m a pretty unique guy. I do not use a credit card. Why? I like using ink and writing checks. I enjoy the process of using “real money” and I simply dislike the “hassle” of managing credit card payments. Also, I have no desire to pay the interest, fees, or penalties associated with carrying a credit card balance. (Plus, it takes too much Ink to write all those checks.) Sure, I could pay my credit card balances off “in full” at the end of each month, but I have found that I will spend MORE whenever I use a credit card than I do when I use cash. Now, I may not be able to persuade you to give up…

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My Wife Could Retire In 20 Years! How Much Money Will We Have By Then?

My wife is a school teacher. She started teaching 10 years ago at the age of 22. In 20 years, at the age of 52, she will be eligible to retire. My wife contributes to a pension plan and will receive a monthly benefit. The amount of the monthly benefit will be determined by the amount she is paid during the final two years of her employment. My job does not provide a pension plan, so I am aggressively saving for retirement. I thought it would be interesting to see where our savings might be in twenty years. I plan to save a MINIMUM of $20,000 (combined) per year in various retirement accounts. I used this calculator to calculate results:…

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How I Get Dave Ramsey To Talk To Me

I am a huge fan of Dave Ramsey and the Dave Ramsey radio show! (In fact, if you go back and read my first post, you’ll see that I was inspired by Dave to begin this blog.) I have talked to Dave on four different occasions. (Now, before you get the wrong “idea”, I’ve never actually had a one-on-one conversation with Dave, but I HAVE called into his radio program and been selected to “talk” to Dave four times.) What are my “secrets” to getting on the air?  Well, first off, it helps to have an awesome debt reduction blog! (Just kidding…) 1. Dave’s show goes live at 2PM Eastern Time. (The show airs at 3PM on XM Radio and…

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