Monthly Archives: February 2007

A Bold Move

I just purchased some shares of RSP, an ETF which tracks the S&P 500.  RSP is an “equal weight” ETF.  It does not focus on the size of the companies that it invests in, but is comprised of equal portions of all the stocks in the S&P 500.  After yesterday’s pullback (free-fall?), I wanted to pick up some shares at a “discount”.  Basically, I’m hoping that yesterday was just a “blip” on the radar screen and that the market will move forward from here.  Either way, I had about $1500 sitting in my daughter’s ESA and I needed to put that money to work.

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Get $2 For Signing-Up With Upromise

I use Upromise to earn rewards when I use my debit card.  If you’ve been thinking about signing-up with Upromise, now would be the time!  If you sign-up now, you’ll get $2 automatically credited to your account.  You can link your debit cards, grocery cards, and credit cards (boo!) to your Upromise account and receive rebates from several major companies.  Check their site for more details.  Click here to sign-up and get your $2 bonus.  (And I’ll receive a referral fee for sending you to Upromise.  We both get free money!  Yes!)  By the way, you do NOT have to transfer money from Upromise to a 529 account.  For more details about how to get Upromise to send you a check for your rebates, click here.

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Problems With TD Ameritrade

For the past three days, I’ve been trying to transfer $2200 from my checking account to my daughter’s TD Ameritrade ESA.  TD Ameritrade has the lamest cash management / transfer system I’ve ever tried to use.  First, you can only link ONE checking or savings account to your brokerage account.  Second, the only way to link an account is to send in actual paperwork with a cancelled check.  It’s 2007!  I wish that I had never opened an account with TD Ameritrade.  I’ve spoken to their customer service, but I’ve received three different “solutions” to my problem.  As for now, I’m stuck with sending in a check to fund the account.  Actually, I’ve got to send in TWO checks, one marked “2006 Contribution” and the other marked “2007 Contribution”.  When, oh when, will all financial institutions be as easy-to-use as ING Direct?

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