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My (Very Simple) Bill Paying System

I like things that are simple. (So does my wife…That’s why she married me…hehe…DORK!) So, I have created a super-simple way to manage all of my “online accessible accounts”. Please note: I can access all of my regular, monthly bills, … Continue reading

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Vacation is Over…

I’m back from my vacation! My family and I spent 8 days in St. Augustine, FL, and we had a wonderful time. A tropical storm came through Florida last Monday, but we were unaffected by it. The whether was wonderful … Continue reading

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New Savings Goal Attained Plus Emergency Fund Poll and Discussion

I sent in another 2300 dollars this month, for a total of 10, 800 dollars. I will not post this as my official update over at the NCN Network site, just yet. I might have to take a few of … Continue reading

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Kids and Money (Chores / Allowance / Kid’s Finances)

My daughter is six years old. This week, I began the process of teaching her about money. Background: My daughter can read. She can count. She can make change. She knows the difference between dimes, nickels, quarters, and pennies. She … Continue reading

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