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Savings At 7000… Oh Yeah… I’ve Been Here 1 Year

So, in all the hustle and bustle of maintaining the 3 sites, working, parenting my 2 kids, enjoying my marriage, and leading FPU at our church, I MISSED my 1 year anniversary here at No Credit Needed! My first post … Continue reading

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10 Free Computer Products I Use Everyday

1. OpenOffice from OpenOffice.Org. Free word processor, speadsheet, etc. I like it much better than Microsoft Office. 2. Firefox. The best browser, by far. 3. AVG Anti-Virus. Free, easy to use. 4. Thunderbird Email Application. See Firefox. 5. Yahoo Finance … Continue reading

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10 Money Savers (That You Will Actually DO!)

What can I say… I’m loving the lists: Here are 10 Money Savers (That You Will Actually DO!) The problem with a lot of frugal ideas is that most people will not actually take the time to implement them. Why? … Continue reading

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I Am (Not) The King

Ouch. I made another stock purchase through TradeKing.Com. It immediately went down. The market closed. I think I have done a foolish thing. I have been whooped. More details when I am not too embarrassed to share them. Mutual Funds! … Continue reading

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