Carnival Of Debt Reduction

Hey, Welcome to the Carnival of Debt Reduction…
Check out these submissions:
Boston Gal’s Open Wallet: Focused On Getting Out Of Debt
Mighty Bargain Hunter: Double The Minimum
Free Money Finance: Nine Ways To Pay Off Debt
Frugal For Life: What Is Powdered Milk?
No Credit Needed: Tough Decisions

Check out these articles I rounded up:
Consumerism Commentary: Credit Reports Information
BluePrint For Financial Prosperity: Check Before canceling Old Cards
Everybody Loves Your Money: Money Nut (URL Broken)
Get Debt Free: Tracking My Money
How To Be Poor: Family Lending Issues (URL Broken)
My Money Blog: Giving In To Credit Cards
Personal Finance For The New Age: Debt Consolidation

Thanks for checking out the carnival…Things have been a little sloooow lately in Blog-land, due to the holidays and people being away from their computers.


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