That’s Awesome, Baby!

Here are some of my favorite free things: Firefox Browser. I love, love, love firefox. Okay, I don’t really love it. But, it is way better than I.E. and it is free. Go download it now and check it out. Avant Browser. Okay, this isn’t a stand-alone browser. It sits on “top” of I.E., but I still like it. Uses tabs and is updated regularly. When a site calls for I.E. only, I use Avant. Podcasts. I really, really do love podcasts. My favorites: The Bitterest Pill, Verge of the Fringe, RetroCrush, and, of course, This Week In Tech. (Hey, some of these guys use “adult” language from time to time, so, be warned.) Advice from the older members of…

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Random Thoughts

Sleepy Sleepy Go Night Night

Have your recovered from “Turkey-Fest 2005”? Wow, I ate a ton of turkey. I am pretty sure that I now have sharp talons and tail feathers. Debt re-payment is on pause for a day or two, as we assess the damage from Friday Christmas Shopping. We did really well, purchasing just the items we wanted to get for the kids, and we did not spend too much money. We DID not use our credit cards, for the first time in our marriage. Wow, what a concept! We used OUR money to buy what we wanted. Seriously, every year at this time we would get all worked up, and rack up tons of credit card debt. This year? If we don’t…

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This Week's Carnivals

Carnival Of Debt Reduction

Hey, Welcome to the Carnival of Debt Reduction… Check out these submissions: Boston Gal’s Open Wallet: Focused On Getting Out Of Debt Mighty Bargain Hunter: Double The Minimum Free Money Finance: Nine Ways To Pay Off Debt Frugal For Life: What Is Powdered Milk? No Credit Needed: Tough Decisions Check out these articles I rounded up: Consumerism Commentary: Credit Reports Information BluePrint For Financial Prosperity: Check Before canceling Old Cards Everybody Loves Your Money: Money Nut (URL Broken) Get Debt Free: Tracking My Money How To Be Poor: Family Lending Issues (URL Broken) My Money Blog: Giving In To Credit Cards Personal Finance For The New Age: Debt Consolidation Thanks for checking out the carnival…Things have been a little sloooow…

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