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Chip-Chip-Chip Away

Quick post…able to put 100 bucks or so towards last debt. Now over 71 percent GONE. Check out the new chart on the right. Back with more later…

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Sick To My Stomach

Here’s the deal. I THOUGHT that my credit card zero percent offer ended at the END of December. Suprise! It ends December FIRST. ARRRRGH! That means I have two options. ONE, just eat the interest, and pay the thing off with the last paycheck of the year. OR TWO, somehow find 3000 dollars of availiable money THIS MONTH to pay the thing off before interest starts to acrue. CRAP! Lesson learned: Read the details and pay attention. I am a dork!

(Option 3, and I really, really don’t want to do this, but I COULD transfer the balance from this card to another “dormant” card that I have… THUS violating the very premise of this blog, that credit is “not needed”. HMMM…)

We shall see, I guess.

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Saved Some Cash

Hi all…
Not much going on with the old debt re-payment. I should send a few more bucks to the last credit card come Monday Morning. I will update then.

As far as saving some money, I did 2 things that I should have done a while ago. Both prove that financial stagnation can sit in, even for those who are focused on their finances.

First, I cancelled “local” channels for my dish network service. I already have locals out of Atlanta, and these were redundant. This saves me about 6 bucks per month. Yay. That is a savings of 72 dollars per year. Second, I cancelled a calling card feature associated with our local phone service. This saved 1.00 per month, or 12 dollars a year. All total, I “made” 84 dollars by making two 3 minute long phone calls.

I think that the above will remind us all that the little things DO add up.

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Deal Me In…

Okay, what does it take to “change” yourself, your situation, your future, or your family? Well, I think that it takes a minimum of 3 things:

  1. You MUST realize the reality of the situation that you find yourself in. You must clearly see that you are over-weight, in too much debt, unhealthy, unholy, whatever. The critical first step towards change is to recognize that change is NECESSARY. When it comes to money, I find that there are 3 types of people. First, people who just assume that they will always be broke, and thus accept their lot in life and do nothing to improve their financial situation. Second, people who have enough money that they can “afford” to be sloppy with their finances. And third, people who are tired of being broke, recognize exactly where they are, and decide to something about their financial live. I am this third type of person.
  2. After realization, you MUST research and develop a personal finance plan. You must read, study, ask questions, and do whatever else it takes to understand your very own “personal” personal finances. Ignorance is not “bliss”, it is “dangerous”. Focused, intense study and thought lead to knowledge, which leads to change, which leads to growth. You cannot change what you do not know needs changing. Once you have knowledge, you have more than just “power”. You have the ability re-align your priorities and literally shape your destiny.
  3. Now that you have realization and knowledge, you must put both to work through ACTION. Knowledge without application is USELESS. Don’t draw up 50 plans, don’t invent a dozen scenarios! Do your research, make a plan, and move forward. You can always “change” directions as you gather more and more desire and knowledge, but you will NEVER get anywhere by standing pat. Just as desire without knowledge leads to futility, knowledge without action leads to frustration. JUST DO IT!
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