Monthly Archives: October 2005

Chip-Chip-Chip Away

Quick post…able to put 100 bucks or so towards last debt. Now over 71 percent GONE. Check out the new chart on the right. Back with more later…

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Sick To My Stomach

Here’s the deal. I THOUGHT that my credit card zero percent offer ended at the END of December. Suprise! It ends December FIRST. ARRRRGH! That means I have two options. ONE, just eat the interest, and pay the thing off … Continue reading

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Saved Some Cash

Hi all… Not much going on with the old debt re-payment. I should send a few more bucks to the last credit card come Monday Morning. I will update then. As far as saving some money, I did 2 things … Continue reading

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Deal Me In…

Okay, what does it take to “change” yourself, your situation, your future, or your family? Well, I think that it takes a minimum of 3 things: You MUST realize the reality of the situation that you find yourself in. You … Continue reading

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