Lessons To Live By?

Well, what have I LEARNED during this process of trying to get out of debt? Here are 10 things: Planning is crucial. I needed a well conceived, laid-out strategy for success. Despite all of my planning; random and unforeseen things happened. I had to learn to be flexible, able to adjust, find a way to gather myself, and move forward. Money must be ACTIVELY managed. There were a few weeks where I was lax about my financial responsibilities, and I really lost ground. It was wonderful that my spouse and I were on the same page. Food, healthy or not, usually cost more than I planned. Diapers, formula, and fresh vegetables seemed to fluctuate in price more than any other…

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Debt Story

10 Days Left

I have 10 days to magically find almost 4000 dollars. Hmmm, I DOUBT that is going to happen, but, if anyone out there would like to advertise on my blog, I am willing to listen to your offers. How about 1 years worth of prime blog space for 4000 bucks? How does that sound. Seriously. I am not kidding. I really, really want to be out of debt. So come on. Email me. Now. (Okay, so it probably won’t work. I’ve added some other ads to the old site, to generate at least a little bit of income…We shall see how they fare.)

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Find A Human

This is cool. This link goes to a site that will help you get in touch with a “real” person when calling cell companies, insurance companies, etc. Pretty cool. Find A Human

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