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Drum Roll Please…
Second Major Goal Accomplished. I just sent in the payment that will pay-off our mini-van loan. That means that by the end of this week, I will be 1/2 way to my debt-free goal, and I am now the proud of 3 PAID FOR cars. All 3 are in good working condition, with newish tires and they ride great. YAY! I knew that this blog would provide motivation, but not this much. Here is the update from where I have come from April 16 up to August 29.

Account April 16th Paid So Far 08/06/05
Auto 1 2656.33 2656.33 00.00
Auto 2 3255.23 3255.23 00.00
C Card 5598.66 115.00 5483.66
Totals 11510.22 6026.56 5483.66

I am sooooo very, very pumped! I have paid off over 50 percent of my debts, and the debts that I now owe are on a zero percent card that is good until December of 2005. So, I am finished with interest payments, FOREVER! This feels awesome. A quick note of encouragement to everyone who will read this: Get started now, and enjoy the ride. There will be many, many, many, ups and downs, and the process will have bumps that you are not expecting (check some of my posts!), but the feeling of not owing these creditors is AWESOME BABY.

Well, I have less than 2 months to SOMEHOW find 5,483.66. I have sold everything I know to sell, I have cut back to the bone, but I know that somehow, some way, I am going to achieve my goals.

Well, thanks to everyone for your support, click on the links on the right side of the page, and come back for more news as it happens. (Oh yeah, if you are in the path of Katrina, our prayers go out to ya’ll)

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60 Minutes

Dave Ramsey will be on 60 Minutes Tonite…a rerun, but a good show.

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Rant Number 2…Where I Get Angry At My Bank!

Hmm…Well, I received a strange note from the old bank today, stating that my account was, get this, PAST DUE! Say what. This is ridiculous. Not only am I NOT past due, I actually OVER-PAID my bill for 10 bucks last month. What was up? Well, it seams that I sent my first partial payment in “too early” and thus is was credited towards principle for LAST months bill, and I owed the entire amount for this months bill, not just the remaining partial payment. Well, this seems stupid to me, because the loan is a simple-interest loan, and the interest is charged “daily” so there really is no such thing as “principle”, just the remaining balance. Well, I talked to a CSR and she said that I paid “too soon.” It was a trippy conversation, but she was going to credit my account for the late fee charge, and fix everything. But, here is the stupid part, even though they sent me this letter claiming that late fees could be reported to credit agencies, and even though the letter was a threatening, now that everything is cleared up, THEY WOULD NOT SEND ME A LETTER APOLOGIZING FOR OR ACKNOWLEDGING THEIR MISTAKE. In fact, she said, “the letter we sent is no big deal, and there is no need to send you a letter of correction.” Well, I am going to call back every day for the next 2 weeks, until I can verify that they have corrected the problem, and bug her until I receive my letter. I want PROOF of their MISTAKE. The original loan documents say NOTHING about paying to “early” in a billing cycle. Stupid. I will NEVER get another car loan, especially from these goofs.

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