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Drum Roll Please… Second Major Goal Accomplished. I just sent in the payment that will pay-off our mini-van loan. That means that by the end of this week, I will be 1/2 way to my debt-free goal, and I am now the proud of 3 PAID FOR cars. All 3 are in good working condition, with newish tires and they ride great. YAY! I knew that this blog would provide motivation, but not this much. Here is the update from where I have come from April 16 up to August 29. Account April 16th Paid So Far 08/06/05 Auto 1 2656.33 2656.33 00.00 Auto 2 3255.23 3255.23 00.00 C Card 5598.66 115.00 5483.66 Totals 11510.22 6026.56 5483.66 I am sooooo…

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Rant Number 2…Where I Get Angry At My Bank!

Hmm…Well, I received a strange note from the old bank today, stating that my account was, get this, PAST DUE! Say what. This is ridiculous. Not only am I NOT past due, I actually OVER-PAID my bill for 10 bucks last month. What was up? Well, it seams that I sent my first partial payment in “too early” and thus is was credited towards principle for LAST months bill, and I owed the entire amount for this months bill, not just the remaining partial payment. Well, this seems stupid to me, because the loan is a simple-interest loan, and the interest is charged “daily” so there really is no such thing as “principle”, just the remaining balance. Well, I talked…

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