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Wow, what a blessing! I received a check today for 250 bucks for some work I helped out with over the summer. Totally unexpected. I am trying to decide whether to immediately put the 250 towards debt reduction, of put … Continue reading

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The Sound Of One Hand Clapping

Well, here is my latest update, as of Closing of Banking Hours Friday: Account April 16th Paid So Far July 29th Auto 1 2656.33 $1,972.41 683.92 Auto 2 3255.23 $1,681.70 1573.53 C Card 5598.66 $95.00 5503.66 Totals $11,510.22 $3,749.11 $7,761.11 … Continue reading

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We’re Moving On Up…

Okay…I read a bunch of blogs everyday, including those listed on the right side of this page. One that I read is Credit Card Victim and there is a post there that I wanted to reply to, but I can’t … Continue reading

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Financial Reality Show Ideas

Okay, so I was watching Mad Money (Jim Cramer’s Show on CNBC) the other night, and right after it, this show called “The Restaurant” came on. This got me thinking. “The Restaurant” is not REALLY a financial reality show, because … Continue reading

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