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Back From a Week Off…Emergency Fund

Okay…so, I was gone for a week with a camp for some local kids. We had a great time and we are exhausted. So, quick update before we get some much needed shut-eye. We had a major emergency this past … Continue reading

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Money…A Strange Thing

I have always been fascinated money. Not with what money can buy necessarily, but with the idea of money ITSELF. The fact that there exists this thing called “money” and I can give it to you for a good or … Continue reading

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Super-Big Post

Time to get caught up. First off, I have been super-sick for two weeks, and have felt like total junk. I have a summer cold, and it is totally killing my sinuses. Awful pain and hurt, plus throat pain and … Continue reading

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Home Again…

Well, after a few days away for vacation, we are home again. I will have much to talk about in the next few days, including a brand new rant, a new diet plan, and a new debt payment schedule. Today, … Continue reading

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