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The Value of Waiting

The single most over-rated “benefit” of credit is that it allows you to have what you want, right when you want it. We live in an “instant” society. We have instant oatmeal, instant pudding, microwave popcorn, always-on internet, universal cellular … Continue reading

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Visa Extras

Found this neat site: Visa Extras where you earn reward points for using your DEBIT card. The key is to use your debit card LIKE a credit card when you buy something. In other words, use it and sign a … Continue reading

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Ship Shape Shopping

Do you do much shopping online? Of course you do! We’ll here are a few awesome sights that can help you find great deals on great stuff. Try to go to the forums and post deals that you find, in … Continue reading

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Well, our personal finances certainly took a hit this month. With the baby sick, and the wife away from work for a week, we will bring home about 600 dollars less than expected. SOO…The debt reduction plan will have to … Continue reading

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